Web applications

IT4SmallBusiness has particular expertise in building web applications for small and medium sized companies.


We're very excited to be able to bring big business benefits at small business prices through the use of customised web applications, which we believe can greatly improve the efficiency of many businesses.

What is a web application?

A web application is means of securely accessing information via a website, and often replaces a database in a company. Moving from a traditional database to a web application brings lots of benefits, including

  • easy yet secure access from any PC connected to the internet
  • no software updates to install
  • familar web browser interface
  • different layers of access, perhaps one for your staff and another for your customers

What our clients say

"It's completely transformed the way we work, and given us time to concentrate on what we want to do."

We've recently completed a major web application for a UK charity which has enhanced the way their staff and volunteers work. We're happy to provide their contact details if you want to ask them about our work.

Web application security testing

Of course, if your data is available over the web, you need it to be secure and only available to the right people. Not only do we provide highly secure web applications ourselves, we can test the security of websites and web applications other people have written for you.


Web application security testing is often prohibitively expensive. Our service offers peace of mind at small business prices. Click here for details.