Web application security testing

In most cases there are two areas of vulnerability in a web application. The server is the computer on the internet which holds your data. The application code is the software which is running on the server. We can test both for you.

Server testing

We use industry standard tools to test the security of your server, and provide a full (and comprehensible!) report, together with a suggested list of any remedial action necessary.

Application testing

We specialise in applications written in php. If you have a php application, we'll combine automated testing with a manual inspection of the code to check for vulnerabilities. As with server testing, we'll provide a full report and suggest any improvements which might be needed.

A word of warning....

No testing can ever give a 100% guarantee that you'll never suffer a security breach; we'd recommend great caution in using anyone who suggests they can. What we can offer is a comprehensive service, and in almost every case we will make suggestions on how to improve the security of your web application.